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Berry-Picking Natarajasana -- the Dancing Berry Picker

Yoga Journal used to have a "Name that Pose" feature where readers would transform everyday activities (like reaching under a table) into yoga poses. This is the suggestion that Dennis made, which was selected for the May/June, 2004 issue.

Every Summer when the blackberries and raspberries ripen I dream of homemade jam, like my father used to make. Berry picking becomes a lesson in delayed gratification--and a test of how to reach those huge, juicy berries in the middle of the berry patch. To get to those perfect berries, try the dancing berry picker asana. Shift your weight to your right foot, grounding it on the earth. Extend your left leg backwards, while reaching forward with your right hand, palm upwards. For extra stability--to reach the farthest berries--hold your left ankle with your left hand, and press gently backwards with your ankle. Catch the berries in your palm as you pick them. When your palm is full, return to standing, put the berries you don't eat in your basket, and repeat on the other side. As you make jam, reflect on the poise, grace and tastefulness of your yoga practice.

Click here to see the dancing berry picker illustration from Yoga Journal.