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Instructor Qualifications

Dennis McGuire began practicing yoga in 1976 and became a certified teacher in 1981. He continues to take advanced yoga, meditation and teacher training programs from master teachers such as Leslie Kaminoff, Sally Kempton, Gary Kraftsow and others.

Dennis teaches classes to students of all ability levels and ages.  He has completed three teacher training programs, and has been teaching yoga continually since 2001.  His teaching combines the heat and flow of Ashtanga, the alignment of Iyengar, and the breath and movement relationship of Viniyoga.  He is grateful that he was able to study this teaching method at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, California.

Dennis was a finalist in the 2003 essay contest, Yoga and World Peace, sponsored by the Yoga Research and Education Foundation (which is now the Yoga Science Foundation). He also works as a statistician and is looking for opportunities to volunteer for charitable organizations and to support alternative health and yoga researchers in their projects. He is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (



Dennis McGuire